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21 Nov

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I like to chill be laid back after work then I'll talk but not right after one of my flaws. is how to get a hold of me One who is seeking long term commitment. I'm a smartass but I'm everyone's favorite smartass. I'm only 25 and just bc I have a bachelor's degree and still work retail with no real, near-future career opportunities, does not mean I'm any less quality of an individual. Of course, things just take time and I think a lot of 20-somethings these days should chill the fuck out and realize this.

I like to go out to eat, for a drive, to the movies... I'm loyal and at times though I'm hard to deal with as soon as I wake up or get off work. I currently do not live alone, I love to do anything fun and new. I am Full time graduate student annnnd appreciate inappropriate humor :)oh and I tend to speak in movie quotes .. I'm from Abilene, unfortunately, but have plans to move to the Dallas/Ft. I'm sarcastic, my sense of humor is somewhat dry I guess you could say. I'm done, however, with letting this fact bother me as much as it used to.

I feel much less awkward doing so within the construct of a conversation...

I do enjoy video games and absolutely love all types of music. I'm pretty much an open book, I just hate openly talking about myself.