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22 Apr

Compared to the IPA sitting on the bar next to me, my beer looked like practically transparent.And were it not for its creamy head that had been amplified with a nitro boost, the beer would have been almost indistinguishable from a crisp summer pale ale. The secret to the body comes from lactose sugar, which doesn’t ferment like most sugars in beer and results in a thickness recognizable in many stouts. “I ran a few tests steeping cacao nibs in light beer and every time there was color pick up.” Instead, Abbot made a cocoa extract and then distilled it until it was clear before adding it to the beer.It is frequently called, in books and otherwise, the 'Norway rat', and it is said to have been imported into this country in a ship-load of timber from Norway.Against this hypothesis stands the fact that when the brown rat had become common in this country, it was unknown in Norway, although there was a small animal like a rat, but really a lemming, which made its home there." "The brown rat is the species common in England, and best known throughout the world.Custom Singing Telegrams' founder George Peele has been writing and singing telegrams for over 12 years now, having delivered over 2600 to date. He's performed for Channel 7 anchor Anne Trujillo, CBS anchor Jennifer Brice and even Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.Channel 9 News aired a segment on Peele called “My funny and unusual Valentine” in 2008.“Alive” – Pearl Jam“Backwards Down the Number Line” – Phish“Birthday” – The Beatles“Birthday Cake” – Rihanna“Birthday Sex” – Jeremih“The Birthday Party” – Grandmaster Flash"The Birthday Song" -- John Lajoie“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga“Born to be Wild” – Steppenwolf “Celebration” – Kool & The Gang“Changes” – David Bowie“Don't Fear the Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult“Forever Young” – Alphaville“Forever Young” – Bob Dylan"Forever Young" -- Rod Stewart“Golden Years” – David Bowie "Good Day" -- Luce“Happy Birthday” – Stevie Wonder“Happy Birthday” – Weird Al"I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair" -- George Jones“In Da Club” – 50 Cent“It's My Party” – Lesley Gore"My Back Pages" -- Bob Dylan“Older” – They Might Be Giants"This Is How We Do It" -- Montell Jordan“Touch of Grey” – Grateful Dead“We Are Young” – fun.

In Delaware, the state Division for the Visually Impaired has registered 74 adults and children with albinism, all of whom are legally blind or severely visually impaired.

After a quick look over the menu, one beer caught my eye—a white stout called Albino.

Not only had I never drank a white stout, I’d never even heard of one before.

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