Angola sex

06 Nov

While going to the restroom, the rapper walked in on two men shaking hands.

“I remember I was in Angola I walked down on a n***a riding a n***a d*ck from the back,” he said.

The rapper has continued to bash those who could care less about his views, this time with a recollection that’s been buried deep in his amygdala.

READ Boosie Badazz Addresses Claims That He Faked His Cancer, Shares Photo Of Surgery Scar In a video that has surfaced this week, the rapper recalls a moment he had at the Angola State Penitentiary that reminded him of his dislike for what he believes is the dark side of prison.

Chinese nationals in Angola exploit Angolan children in brick-making factories, construction, and rice farming. Angolan adults use children under the age of 12 for forced criminal activity, as children cannot be criminally prosecuted.

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Chinese workers are brought to Angola by Chinese companies that have large construction or mining contracts; the companies do not disclose the terms and conditions of the work at the time of their recruitment.Angola is a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.Angolans are forced to labor in the agriculture, fishing, construction, domestic service, and artisanal diamond mining sectors within the country.An army general close to Angola's President José Eduardo dos Santos and married to one of his relatives has been placed on the Interpol wanted list by the Brazilian police on charges of trafficking women for the purposes of sexual exploitation.Bento dos Santos Kangamba, one of Angola’s most powerful politicians, has been linked to the trafficking of Brazilian women to countries including Angola, South Africa, Portugal and Austria.