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25 Sep

Sofia Coppola is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, who directed the movie Dracula, in which Keanu Reeves starred. Reeves and Sandra Bullock had an on-screen relationship in 1993, but it has been rumored that they dated in real life as well.The relationship with Amanda De Cadenet lasted from 1996 to 1997, and that relationship was the first one that Reeves intentionally made public. Syme got pregnant during the relationship, but the pregnancy ended in stillbirth.And in 2006, they met again on the set of the film “The Lake House“. In 2009, there was one picture with the participation of Keanu, which was called “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee” and in 2010 he began shooting the film “Henry’s Crime”.

Together they starred in the movie “Speed” in 1994."Uh, let's see," he wrote, "The biggest movie star I'm friends with would be... During the actor's Reddit AMA, he recalled a fun day of filming "when they let us drive down the street smashing through cars on the bus.And everyone started to scream, hehe, and then laugh when it was over, and it really bonded everyone together," he wrote. He had such a wonderful intelligence and sense of humor.However, in 1999, his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Syme—who was killed in a car accident in 2001— gave birth to their stillborn daughter. female intruders paid a visit to the 50-year-old actor's Hollywood Hills, Calif., home, he was understandably alarmed!