Are robert downey jr and gwyneth paltrow dating

21 Sep

When we did the movie, I remember he'd be like, 'Robert, it's , it's time to go to work.' He was probably staying with us for a while, and then I was having some trouble with Sarah Jessica, and he was looking after her.

It was all rather incestuous back then." Robert wasn't afraid of Kiefer trying to go after Sarah at the time.

Robert tells Howard Stern why things didn't work out for him and Sarah.

"We were at a very conservative relationship concerning the fact that she was normal and I was out of my mind," the "Captain America: Civil War" actor explains.

Paltrow recalls their family gatherings: "Hillary and I always had this in common, and do to this day [...] cooking for people we love, eating, hanging out as a family. It's what we do." Another cousin is Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, whose spouse is the Israeli-Americal billionaire Adam Neumann, founder of We Work.

Paltrow was raised in Santa Monica, where she attended Crossroads School, before enrolling in the Spence School, a private girls' school in New York City.

While Gwyneth and Brad seem to be going strong, it appears Chris and his new love, Jennifer Lawrence, are also still an item.

Downey Jr earned 1 million in the last year while the highest-paid female actress, Jennifer Lawrence, took home an estimated million.

That’s a difference of million, according to Forbes.

There were reports that Pepper Potts would be featured in both 2015's 's Tony Stark, although she still does serve as the CEO of Stark Industries.

If this report is true, and Pepper Potts is returning to the MCU, it may be just a one-time appearance, if Marvel doesn't want to bring her back with a new contract.