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26 Apr

In a series of messages, Mr Marren, 52, wrote online: “It breaks my heart to tell everyone that today we lost William and thank to all his friends that have text and Facebook us . ” And Kieran, 23, wrote: “I really do love you my hero and best friend” Lucie Mc Aulay, The mother of Mr Marren's two daughters, posted a series of photographs of the two of them together.A West Midlands Ambulance spokesman said Mr Marren’s car has suffered “considerable damage” after hitting a tree in foggy conditions on the B5030 at Crakemarsh.Mr Marren, who had another daughter, Freya, four, and two brothers, Alex and Kieran, worked as a supervisor at a local metal finishing company. Mum and dad kieran Alex really love you I am sorry wish had been me that was taken not you.His devastated father, Carl, paid tribute to him yesterday (MON) as he broke the news of his son’s death to friends and family on Facebook and said he wished he had died instead. “My heart so broken I miss you so much lots of love ” His brother, Alex, 20, wrote: “Well wat can I say bro a big chunk off my life missing now that u have left us U will never be forgotten bro missing u already man I love u man!

To greatly compound matters, the suspected killers struck and killed and a toddler as they fled the scene. Words such as "cheap," "affordable," "bargain" and "budget" are often slapped onto products that are good in their own right but still inexpensive.I adore these value products because when I buy one, I feel smart for getting something that works well enough and didn't kill my wallet.The newest family member is the Motorola G5 Plus, which somehow adds even more premium features.It's got a metal body, more storage, new Moto gestures and even 4K video. The G5 Plus is 9 (32GB) or 9 (64GB) in the US, and will start at £259 in the UK. While I still have a lot more testing to do with the G5 Plus, here are my first impressions so far.