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23 May

It includes an overview of how a Skype chat with an author might work, as well as tips for teachers, librarians, & book club organizers to help your virtual visit run smoothly.

You can click here to read my first School Library Journal technology feature on Skype author visits, called “Met Any Good Authors Lately?

Then, a report emerged that pointed out that Microsoft didn’t buy Skype because of some incredible synergy: they bought Skype because Google and Facebook were mulling over the purchase, but decided against it.

Over at Wired, a number of Google insiders have pointed out that Google decided against purchasing Skype at all, and Microsoft snapped it up instead.

But in keeping with modern snap apps, Qik video messages also automatically self-destruct after two weeks. That said, if you inadvertently send a video, or have second thoughts, you can erase it at any time. You can block contacts, but only on Android and Windows Phone right now. This special kind of mini-video—like a 5 second animated GIF—can be sent when you're pressed for time. But if you're still curious, here's a little video that explains it better than I ever will.

Qik addresses two modern trends in mobile messaging, both of appear to be aimed directly at Millennials. You can record and store your own Qik Fliks so you're ready to respond to anything, Microsoft says. It's available on Android and i Phone only right now. From the Windows Phone app download page: "Not only is Qik brand new, it’s the very first app from Skype…since Skype. Skype bought Qik in 2011 and shut it down in April this year.

The gist of the argument is that Google is more interested in cloud-storage and cloud-capable technologies, and Skype’s old-school peer-to-peer communication methods were outdated in an age where Chrome OS and Chromebooks all rely on centralized services operated by Google to function.

With that in mind, this is a list of authors who offer 15-20-minute Q and A sessions with classes and book clubs that have finished reading one of their books.

When Microsoft bought Skype earlier this week, the tech world trembled.

.5 billion is a lot of money, and speculation ran rampant around what Microsoft was planning to do with the communications giant.

Judith Kroon was one of the attendees and wrote about the session on the Writer’s Block website.

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