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16 Oct

This is known as “federation” and must meet minimum software requirements.

You can use the Free/Busy search for meetings to determine the availability of invitees.

In corporate environments you can publish Calendar and Free/Busy information to an Exchange or Groupwise server.

Note that you must use the top-level Exchange calendar if you want others to be able to access your Free/Busy information when inviting you to a meeting.

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Google queries your Exchange server whenever a Google Calendar user in your domain clicks Refresh all in the Find a time feature of Google Calendar.If Free/Busy issue still occur on the test account, please open a support case and include the ics file for review. Within /opt/zimbra/docs/file there is an examples the soap call that is performed, the following is the snip it of the example: 2015-07-23 ,227 TRACE [qtp509886383-296252:https://10.43/service/soap/Get Free Busy Request] [[email protected];;mid=9;ip=.805;ua=Zimbra Web Client - FF39 (Mac)/8.6.0_GA_1169;] soap - C: If the system is configured for SSL, Outlook 2013 has a known bug that limits the free/busy string.Because of this, the URL that is created within Outlook during startup does not contain the session AUTHKEY.We have seen issues were data from an appointment can cause Free/Busy lookup issues.To insure that this is not occurring, you will need to export the calendar to an ICS file and import it into a test account.