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27 May

Other recent editors include Mildred Istona and Rona Maynard. The magazine celebrated its 85th anniversary in May 2013. It was created by the Maclean Hunter Publishing Company as a means to reach a different demographic than its other publications, Maclean's and the Financial Post.

Maclean Hunter Publishing Company solicited ideas from Canadian women in order to choose a name for the magazine, offering a 00 prize for the winning entry.

You’re no stranger to your own sexuality, either – you know what you need from your partner because you’ve done the oh-so-fun research.

And although life is full and sometimes stressful, you’re aware that a little adult time can be a great way to unwind. “Have a dirty weekend at least once a year, stay in bed and play,” says Sue Mc Garvie, a sex therapist, syndicated radio host and author of Quivering Jello: How to Have Mind-Blowing, Toe-Curling Orgasms (Romance Communications).

But some of us may only be getting lucky twice a month or even twice a year.Communication lines are honest and open, the comfort level is high and you have a sense of play.Sex is important to you both, and you celebrate it by making time for it.It was first published in March 1928 by Maclean Publishing.Due to falling print ad revenues, Chatelaine reduced its publication frequency to 6 times a year beginning in 2017.