Constitutional and administrative law with updating supplement

27 Aug

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I found the explanations in here useful, but I think I would have done fine in the class just using the casebook (also written by Funk).

This guide also does not deal with the law of the European Union, which may also be binding in English courts.

For comparative purposes, it is inoteworthy that England has no codified constitution.

You'll find explanations of: Constitutional Law Deskbook – Individual Rights distills vast and ever-evolving constitutional law to its core issues.

This Guide provides a basic introduction to the Administrative Law of Zimbabwe.

This guide will help you locate those agency decisions.

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Instead, the constitution is composed of a number of uncodified statutes that establish the institutions and practices of government, together with unwritten custom.

It follows that there also is no constitutional review of statutes by courts; under the English doctrine of separation of powers, only Parliament may make or alter law embodied in statutes. P., 2013), Parliamentary Sovereignty: Contemporary Debates, by J.