Corbin bleu and monique coleman dating news

16 Nov

got their fix in plenty of times when the cameras weren’t rolling.Even if you don’t count Corbin Bleu & Monique Coleman, who were only rumored to hook up off screen due to their on-screen chemistry as Chad Danforth & Taylor Mc Kessie, respectively, there’s still a whole lotta lovin’ to go around.actress joined her rumored boyfriend Nathaniel Potvin and on-screen brother Issak Presley for the event, celebrating the new Bluray and DVD release of the hit movie, hosted by Walt Disney Studios and Fandango., and the stars of the movie have definitely grown up!co-stars teamed up to perform a duet of their song “What I’ve Been Looking For” and spill some behind-the-scenes secrets! I think we just didn’t know each other and I was a lot like Sharpay and Lucas was like ‘Who is this person? Since wrapping, Ashley and Lucas have become super close, which you can tell as they performed an epic, updated rendition of the throwback song.

"I believe they found someone to play Sharpay, but they couldn't find a black equivalent [for Ryan] and then I think they found Ashley so they decided to cast Sharpay and Ryan as Caucasian," Bleu said.4.

While we're still freaking out over being reunited with our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies during the upcoming Memorial Day marathon, two actual Disney stars we know and love are reuniting for real.

films, a pairing which, over the course of the trilogy, evolved from a friendship to a relationship. Both were quick with the jokes and sassy comebacks and were there for BFFs Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) whenever there was ~drama~ in the squad.

Karina then found this amazing song that has a beautiful Spanish guitar sound with castanets and continual changing rhythms. READ: Corbin Bleu’s Week 2 ‘DWTS’ Blog — Finding My Rhythm So because of the song change, we didn’t have music to work with on Day 1, and every minute of rehearsal time counts when you only have a week.

Karina used that time to start teaching me basic Paso positioning and a move called a twist turn, which I quickly found out is one of the hardest moves in ballroom!