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29 Aug

Once the approval has been given, owners of 2014-2016 diesel-powered Grand Cherokees and Ram 1500s will be able to receive the new software update through FCA’s dealership network.FCA says it believes its fix will address regulators’ concerns regarding the emissions control software in its diesel-powered models.A sensory story partners concise text* with strong sensory stimuli to convey a narrative.The sensory stories on this page are designed to be easily resourced at home.Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced that it formally submitted an application for diesel vehicle emissions certification to the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board for its two diesel vehicles, the Eco Diesel variants of the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 20.The filing indicates that FCA will update its two diesel-powered vehicles to address the EPA’s recent accusation that the automaker didn’t disclose engine management software that increases emissions.MCA leaders engaged with organisations from the Chinese community to discuss matters on education, taxation, technology and society development at the Budget 2018 Workshop on Saturday.

Here are 10 small and inexpensive changes that over time will save you a bundle.Nearby, Madonna prepares to sing a song, with Taylor Swift accompanying her on the guitar.Getting to them, one passes Asian pop sensation Jay Chou, looking as stoic as ever, and Katy Perry, who smiles at you from the giant clam she is sitting in.The automaker has since been working with the EPA and CARB to find a viable solution. Although you may want to reduce your carbon footprint and save the earth, it can be very difficult to know exactly how to do it without spending a fortune.