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21 Sep

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Well enough with photo-sets and downloadable movies that I probably could have given up the scenes, the actual prostitution, but in truth I enjoyed that aspect of it.

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The book that I asked her to read is Disciplining Little Abby.

I left home at a very early age, had my first child early too.Here are some of our fa So you have been participating in the Adult Little, or Daddy Dom lifestyle I am sure that you have some go to punishments that are sure to work every time.One of my […] Naughti’s Favorite Rewards, as a baby girl The best rewards are those that come from the heart. 😉 Of course just a quick, “good girl” makes my heart soar.This was a great secret, first mine alone, and now apparently ours.Daddy wouldn't have told anyone, certainly not my mom or my brother. I was also a prostitute, if you wanted to get technical about it. That too, at least in the sense that I had no qualms about appearing in videos available on the website.