Dating a crackhead Sexcam no account

01 Jun

Didn't know it till much later......made up a whole story about being held up at gun point, just so he could get off work, claiming he had ' PTSD'.... ........mood swings, the anger, the crying, oh you just want to feel sorry for them..........until you get tired of your hard earned money being stolen from your 'joint account', he didn't eat......didn't sleep, he had everyone FOOLED into thinking he had PTSD when all along his symptoms were 'crack' related.

His face twitched non stop, he would imagine 'bugs' on his face, and would pick his face till it bled...nice!! .......don't even get me started on what he did to my kids!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would not date a (former) crack-head, no matter how attractive she may be.

Robert recovered shortly after his brush with the law (and death) to make great films such as “A Scanner Darkly,” “Zodiac” and, of course, “Tropic Thunder.” It's safe to say crack didn't win this time around.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer is SPOT on. I was a good girl - i met a guy who used to smoke Speed, and instead of me being able to get him OFF it, I ended up addicted to it.In the end i was strong enough to get us BOTH off it, but it took 2 and a half years....Beside that, I want someone that would be a good mother for my children. I found the perfect old thread in which to express what I've discovered lately.Within the last year or so, I have somehow come to get to know/date/spend time with three ex-meth addicts who were all in recovery.