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16 Aug

The issue is I just had a 7 year relationship end, due largely in part because of my growing friendship with Sam, and she has a present 3 year relationship with a guy who she may seemingly be stuck with.(explanation more on that later)(FYI the dude is a complete ass hole and treats her like ****...) I feel like a ****ty guy, like really ****ty, because she is 200% cheating on her current bf like no tomm.But yet has not left him..i always told myself i I would never be a cheater....... And even if there is someone else, your macho self says you can win her over, that you’re the better man. Wait, before I do, let me start by saying this: If she has a boyfriend, should that keep you from trying? This usually means their father probably isn’t too far away. Third, is she smiling and laughing into her phone while playing with her hair? Now, should things look good so far, you’ll never really know her status unless you do one thing: Not so easy, right?For the record we have not had sex(i will not do that till she leaves him), but we have made out multiple times, and slept together in the same bed.(hers and mine), If the guy wasn't a compoplete douche bag I would not be doing this....I've used every page in my book of dating, admittedly its not a large book, but I did have my very first relationship last 7 was very close to marriage..:(...If she’s in a relationship, she’ll also have pictures reflecting how and who she spends her time with — unless she’s extremely private and doesn’t feel the need to share.

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To make her realize that if she doesn't make a choice then she will lose me.Every second passing by, you’re losing your grip on your ex little by little, and you feel like there’s nothing you can do to stop it. You can get your ex girlfriend back, but the plan involves a lot of denying and pretending.This is the only feasible way to protect your feelings and at the same time arouse your ex girlfriend’s curiosity about you once more. But if she’s not, it’s time to make your move and strike up a conversation, hopefully giving you your chance at a great relationship.Truth be told, even if you found out she’s already involved, her respect and attraction toward you will only increase if you try. How do you find out without getting egg on your face? Believe me, most women like the extra attention even if they’re head over heels with another, and doing this will only increase your self-esteem if you try.