Dating a surfer

26 Sep

A man and his wife are dining at a table in a plush restaurant, and the wife keeps staring at a drunken man swigging his drink as he sits alone at a nearby table. " says the husband, "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?

The modern-day definition of surfing, however, most often refers to a surfer riding a wave standing up on a surfboard; this is also referred to as stand-up surfing.

Because we all know all there is about Kelly Slater, we a re not going to waste your precious time on him, nevertheless abouthis girl Kalani, we would love to tell you what we know, so here is goes..

She and her siblings were raise in a warm, loving family household, were surf, fashion and the love for the sea was very important.

Well Kelly only has eyes for his beloved girlfriend Kalani Miller.

26-year-old Kalani Miller has been dating the famous surfer for nearly five years, she was born in California to a Hawaiian mother and Californian father Charlene and Jim Miller.