Dating female athlete

15 Sep

The couple made headlines for abstaining from sex until they wed.Ciara and Russell got married on July 9, 2016, and are expecting a child.

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Be nice to people out there my friends – everyone is fighting a hard battle. In a week that involved an incredible amount of controversy regarding Lady Gaga’s appearance at Super Bowl LI, body shaming is receiving a particularly high amount of scrutiny by strength athletes and trainers both male and female.

Eaton, a decathlete and gold-medal winner, is part of Team USA while Theisen-Eaton, a heptathlete, is part of Team Canada. “We’re both driven individuals, and even though we are both athletes and both go through hard times as athletes ― maybe it’s an injury, or maybe it’s an event you can’t figure out or maybe you don’t win a meet that you wanted to ― we are supportive of one another in those tough times, and that’s how you really get close to someone and grow,” Eaton told People earlier this month.

Engaged couple Marton and Khalil go way back ― they first met in 2002 at the World Junior Taekwondo Championships in Greece and began dating years later.

They are the first married same-sex couple to compete in the Olympic Games.

Rio will be the fourth Olympic Games for both women, who won bronze for their team in 2012 even after Kate, a star player, fractured her jaw.