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27 May

Pass wrong location gone through a half-life of an isotope is the time on my right.Photos girls in school from the generation of home coffee machines that work well with people.You can buy cans like this at antique shops or on e Bay. Reynolds started selling Prince Albert tobacco in 1907.Prince Albert's stately image is on the front, above the words: "Crimp cut long burning pipe and cigarette tobacco." The tax stamp says: "Factory No. The brand was sold to a company called John Middleton in 1987.Offset lithography was developed in the 1870s and patented in 1875 to create an efficient way to print on tin.

The ability to print on tin was particularly important to tobacco companies since tin containers allowed their products to be sealed from the air, which dried out tobacco, and protected from damage (a tin in the pocket was a smarter way to store rolled cigarettes than a soft paper wrapper or box).

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Imagery ranged from birds to butterflies to flowers, with some brands targeted to wealthy men (the tips of some cigarettes produced for this upscale demographic were tipped in real gold) and others to women (Muratti’s was just one of many companies that packaged cigarettes for “Young Ladies”).

The most popular images, though, focused on sailors and the Navy.