Dating regina pocket watch

12 Nov

Waltham knew that the western world could do better. Waltham's exacting designs and close tolerances allowed for parts replacement interchangeability within models which significantly improved dependability and repairability. Bartlett , Broadway , Canadian Pacific , Canadian Railway Time Service, Central Park , Champion, Conklins Railroad Special , Crescent Street, Cronometro, Supremo, Mermod, Jaccard & King Paragon Timekeeper, Martyn Square, Lehigh Valley Railroad, Howard & Rice, Home Watch company, Franklin, Fellows, Favorite, Export Excelsior, Wm. , Tourist, Sterling, Special Rail Road King, Special R. Many of the 16 size Waltham watches were produced later than the 18 size and as a result, were refined internally to allow for easier servicing and easier parts interchangeability.

Tom Mc Intyre talks about antique pocket watches, discussing key manufacturers, the mechanics behind the watches, the varying types, and the collecting hobby in general.

Balances were gold or steel at first, and later bi-metallic compensating balances with gold screws were used.

Edward Howard, without doubt one of the most respected names in the history of American horology, started the Howard Watch Company after the failure of the Boston Watch Company (1853-1857).

His goal was to produce watches of the highest quality using interchangeable machine-made parts.

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