Dating scammer marina

20 Jun

I visited the Ukraine and felt that a marriage with a Ukrainian woman would be the right thing to do. I want to warn everyone about a woman named Marina Goldovanskaya ([email protected]) and the translation service known as Questway by Ludmilla Bondar ([email protected]) out of Lugansk, Ukraine.Marina Goldonovskya is listed with Absolute Agency as A1357376 on Oct 13. I have attached a couple a dynamite photos as well. Over a four month period I sent 0 for translation and communication services to Marina via Western Union (July thru October 2001).

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But then I had too much work and could not write to you at once! My friend has advised me to take advantage of the Internet for search new friends because it is popular now all over the world. I am sincerely happy to know hat I have such an opportunity to know you better and I will take this opportunity with great pleasure. As for me, i am a teacher of English in the kindergarten. and i am sure that it will also be very interesting for you to be in the same company with my friends... When I see the letter from you in mine inbox, on my person appears Smile. I hope sometime our friendship will develop in, something the greater!!!!!! Sometimes it seems to me, that the world very quickly moves by us, through us, on us... It seems to me, that receiving possibilities in speed and hallows, we lose something another. To see frequent to me it is necessary people who as it seems to me, have lost these qualities.

First of all I would would like to ask you what attitudes you search on the Internet? It's very stressful, but i like my work as it gives me possibilities to learn a lot of outstanding people. All this will enable me to understand in the best way that you for the person. I Wish to write a little about the culinary abilities.

I search, that is I wish to find myself suitable the man with which would be happy. To me very pleasantly think that my letters can to cheer you up and to warm heart. Every day is a different story, and I never get bored. I very much like to cook I food, I can prepare many tasty dishes.

By the fourth letter Marina was asking for 0 for 3 months of English lessons...

"Yes, this course of English study is very expensive for me. But they give the permission to divide the payment of this amount in two times." I politely refused.