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The classification of Kimberella is important for scientific understanding of the Cambrian explosion: if it was a mollusc or at least a protostome, the protostome and deuterostome lineages must have diverged significantly before Dr. Accordingly, the new name Kimberella was proposed by Mary Wade in 1972.The only son of wealthy widow Violet Venable dies while on vacation with his cousin Catherine.What the girl saw was so horrible that she went insane; now Mrs.Beds in the White Sea succession have been dated to The large number of specimens, the small grain-size of the sediments and the variety of circumstances in which specimens were preserved provide detailed information about Kimberella′s external form, internal anatomy, locomotion and feeding style. The only type of symmetry visible in the White Sea specimens is bilateral; there is no sign of any of the kinds of radial symmetry that are normal in the Cnidaria, the group that includes jellyfish, sea anemones and hydras.The Australian fossils were originally described as a type of jellyfish, but this is inconsistent with the bilateral symmetry in the fossils.