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13 Aug

Every remark you make is exhaustively analyzed for hidden meanings; everything you do is interpreted in the worst possible light; everyone is believed to have an agenda, an angle.

They are easily distinguished from the paranoid schizophrenic, however: They do not suffer from auditory hallucinations (voices) and their beliefs are well within the realm of possible reality.

And although empirical research on the pattern is generally lacking--clinical trials on it are few and far between--support for Kaslow's contention appears in a number of books and reports in the literature, such as a theory paper on narcissistic PD in couples by Paul Links, MD, that appeared in 2002 in the (Vol. Personality schisms, however, can complicate such attempts.

Even if only one partner has a full-blown PD, the other partner often shows personality tendencies in the opposite direction, notes Los Angeles psychologist Marion Solomon, Ph D, who wrote a chapter on treating borderline couples for a book Kaslow edited on couples treatment (see further reading).

But after a while they start to rub each other the wrong way." Fatal attraction Problems derive from each partner's unexpected reaction to the other, Kaslow says.

But he cut back his sessions when I sent him a postcard while on vacation-- he felt I was too involved with him.

He accused me of trying to control him when I suggested he join my group and he felt I was trying to take over his life when I had sessions on Columbus Day.

Unlike Larry, Phil exhibited several schizoid characteristics immediately.

He is a skinny and boyish young man with rigid posture and stilted speech. He says he feels like Jacques Cousteau looking at all the underwater life.