Ecdis licensing and updating of chart data and system software

07 Jun

*a radar sensor needs to be integrated in the network.** Radar and Alert Management System display capabilities are to be implemented as software update after product release.(option) Additional AIO layer includes all Admiralty Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners as well as additional ENC Preliminary Notices to Mariners, i.e., reported navigational hazards that have been incorporated into paper chart but have yet to be included in ENCs.Also, the new ECDIS utilises cutting edge chart-drawing engine that delivers instantaneous chart redraw with the seamless zooming and panning, hence making the ECDIS operation stress-free.

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The Transas Marine Navigation Systems software (MNS 34) is now integrated with the NTPRO 5000 to meet the latest IEC and IHO requirements.The ECDIS is compatible with Jeppesen Dynamic Licensing and it supports the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO).Fully complying with the performance standard of ECDIS stipulated in IMO resolution MSC.232(82), the ECDIS is going to be a suitable candidate designated for new installation as well as retrofit to fulfill ECDIS mandatory carriage that is phasing in from July 2012 onward.Should you have any questions with regard to charts, chart display systems, rules and regulations as well as procedures then please mail to [email protected], in urgent cases, call 49 40 853586940 However, perhaps the following information already answers some of your questions, so please have a look.There are two types of digital charts; raster charts and vector charts.