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24 Nov

A woman’s form has long been used to demonstrate new iterations of material art and design, as well as fashion.

Using shock and seduction alike to draw attention to craft is so commonplace that it’s actually fairly boring.

For better or worse, we’ve become inured to this approach on the catwalk, on billboards and in glossy magazines.

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We’re being sold the idea of 3D-printed clothing that shows off a new kind of technical achievement and dazzling aesthetics. A long, black dress is draped across the shapely form of model Dita von Teese.It’s even more embarrassing if someone else is running advertisements on some sort of corporate video (a product tutorial, a game demo, a keynote address, etc.) hosted on You Tube.The worst case scenario is that the entire audio of your video production is deleted or your video is taken down.If you want to use popular music the legal way, there are a lot of hurdles to jump through.You need to purchase mechanical rights, public performance royalties, synchronization and transcription rights, publishing rights, neighboring rights, and master use rights.