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03 Oct

As these emoticons are just a type of text art, it means that you can copy and paste them in your chats, emails, text messages (SMS messages sent from cell phones or smartphones), IM (Instant Messaging) conversations (like Skype and FB chat, etc.) They can also be used on social networking pages (like Facebook status and wall updated, Facebook comments, etc.) and Twitter.

You may also add them into your comments on web forums and blogs.

Perhaps you would prefer to download books onto your Kindle, and keep them there permanently. (By the bye, I wrote to the PR contact supplied by Amazon in the subject press release, and asked how many of these six hundred thousand titles offered through Kindle Unlimited are in the public domain and therefore, already free to the public, but did not receive an answer.) Are you interested in borrowing the most recent titles? I live in Los Angeles, and am a grateful and loyal patron of the Los Angeles Public Library, and of all the lucky things in this world, I live about ten minutes’ drive away from our gloriously beautiful and fantastic main library downtown.

You can borrow up to five titles for two weeks at no cost, and read them in-browser or in any of several other formats (not all titles are supported in all formats, but most offer at least a couple): PDF, .mobi, Kindle or e Pub (you’ll need to download the Bluefire Reader — for free — in order to read e Pub format on Kindle.) I currently have on loan Alan Moore’s by Stephen King.

Read text, web pages, documents or the clipboard to you.

Microsoft®  Agents are animated characters that can move around the screen and talk to you..  Cyber Buddy will help you install them if you do not already have them on your system.

You can browse the text emoticon collection by category.

Discovering a Fuck that has video chatrooms and is 100% free is impossible.

I get how busy you are, how your life's totally happening, how you have a million parties to go - I get all of that.

But dude, even though I may not be running on a schedule as tight as yours, I happen to have a life too.

Or one of thousands of Librivox audiobook recordings made by volunteers, all in the public domain.

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