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14 Oct

You can find out sex facts, information on relationships, emergency help and find out where your local sexual health services are.

- Play the 'Sex Lottery' game and find out about STIs, contraception, and where to go for help and advice.

Meat with every meal A spokesman for Peperami said meat was an important part of most men’s diet, with seven in 10 having some form of meat with every meal.“These results show that men would prefer to kiss goodbye to their mobile phones, sex and their partners before becoming a vegetarian,” he added.“For those who can’t bear the thought of ‘Meat Free Monday’, we’ll be celebrating ‘Free Meat Mondays’ by taking to the streets and offering meat lovers free Peperamis to get them through the day.”The Food Standards Agency claim 3% of the UK are vegetarian, with this figure rising to 5% among people that don’t eat certain types of meat.

There are many useful resources out there where you can get information on all aspects of sexual health.

The dubious information was used to make a case for urgent action and to justify the war with Iraq.

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Since 2003 it has been used in the sense of making something more attractive than it really is by selective presentation; a modern update to the phrase "hyped up". The implication is that no actual lying is taking place, but that spin is being placed on certain parts of the message.

The phrase gained currency in the United Kingdom on , when BBC defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan filed a report for BBC Radio 4's Today programme in which he stated that an unnamed source, a senior British official, had told him that the September Dossier had been "sexed up", and that the intelligence agencies were concerned about some highly dubious information contained within it—specifically the claim that Saddam Hussein could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes of an order.

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For the full list of 25 things men would rather do than go vegetarian, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Well, read on and you may just end up being celibate for the rest of your life. When you want a pair of adorably cute socks, all you need is money and the socks are yours for keeps!

However, the same is not true for sex, as no one will ever be “yours for keeps” in quite the same way.

When it comes to making up after a fight, men want sex while women want quality time, says the world’s least surprising study.

Researchers from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania found that, after a quarrel, dudes like receiving sexual favors or a “kind gesture.” In contrast, gals prefer their partner to apologize and even to shed some tears.