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22 Sep

Make your selection and wait for them to arrive so you can steal the vehicle. You will find a big, red, beating heart held in place by chains.

If you get into the ambulance you will get a small health boost and if you get into the police car you will get 5 shotgun shells. Jump out of the helicopter at the top of the statue's base so you'll land by it's feet. Go inside one of the pink houses near Manny's community center. You will find graffitti with names from a lot of old GTA characters, like Claude, Tommy, Toni, etc.

To meet one of the girls, press Contact Me on the bottom of her respective page, and she will send you an e-mail some time during the following days.

If it says she's interested, upon reading the mail you'll get an update in your Organizer, featuring the time and date of your appointment.

Below are the cheat codes for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Complete the Mission "Uncle Vlad": This worth 5 points.

At any time during the game, pull out Niko's phone and dial these numbers for the desired effect.

Kate, available after the mission Waste Not Want Knots, is reachable by cell phone.Si vous appelez à la bonne heure (Cf : Tableaux ci-dessous), le rendez-vous est accepté et vous avez une heure en temps de jeu pour aller la chercher.Ensuite, conduisez la dans l'un des nombreux restaurants et bars qui s'offrent à vous, sous forme d'icônes sur le radar.Enter the codes below by pressing up on the D-Pad to bring up your cell phone screen, then pressing the D-Pad again to bring up the number pad.After, enter one of the following phone numbers for the desired effect.