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28 May

In the song Bloody Bitch (a bonus track off Wizard of the Hood), J raps: "Violent J's not around, but Moon Glorious is there, scared to fucking death of what's happening here" J often talks and raps about his other personalities, he boasts that in his music he gets to be other people and can do anything, and often-times his alters make appearances on their albums.Shaggy's varying personalities seem to be less obvious.

Now in its 16 year, this convention is mythical — literally. Five years ago, my good friend (and this article’s photographer) Jason Shaltz explained the appeal of the Juggalo identity to ’s Camille Dodero in the most universal terms possible: “People who identify with this culture have had some relatively turbulent times in their lives and it helps them deal with it.” Shaltz has attended the Gathering six times and shot a video for ICP proteges Twiztid; I have to admit that, while me and my friends have joked for years that we should go to this thing, it wasn’t a serious consideration until I met him.

In other breaking news, next Friday, April 8 at and our Psychopathic Records You Tube channel, witness the world premiere of the first full length music video from Psychopathic’s studio master ninja, YOUNG WICKED! We’re all working around the clock to put together the most flavorful Gathering ever!

Check out the dope flyer below and share it with all your friends. As far as time goes, we’ll keep you updated via and social media. Now let’s move on to talking about possibly the most anticipated event in Juggalo history…Gathering 17!

That’s the unfamiliar position in which Detroit rappers Violent J (Joseph Bruce) and Shaggy 2 Dope (Joseph Utsler) find themselves, following one of the strangest years of their long, strange, 20-year trip through the music industry. ”Of course, casual followers of the group’s frequent headline-making outrages would never have mistaken Insane Clown Posse for pious Christians.

Not that they are, actually, evangelical Christians. Neither attends church or claims any biblical knowledge. After all, this is a group which has always chosen to illustrate the dark side of human nature in the most graphic terms possible.