Isabelle mercier dating

26 Nov

Even if she played poker since she was a child, she has become a recognized player in 2002.Until then she was preoccupied with her school and university, having also a master degree completed.I thought time would go really fast, because when I play online I don't see time. I barely slept two hours, but now I have adrenaline and want to play again. This was my first open-face Chinese live poker tournament in, so I was really looking forward to it." Mercier maintains she has a new love of OFC and doesn't enjoy, nor play, other forms of poker anymore. I really feel like I have an edge on most of the players not understanding the progressive format." Mercier battled it out with Germany's Frank Gohletr for several hours heads-up in the wee hours of the morning and shared that the experience was both enjoyable and frustrating.

It seems that you can have a few good years, but very rare are the professionals still present on the international circuit after a decade of playing.It is not an unlimited contract, but still a really good one I am very content with.Poker Stars expects a lot from me: site promotion, photo shoots and stuff like that.She continued in 2005 playing at the European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker, where she won a lot of money.At World Series of Poker she succeeded to stay at the table until the end for three times.