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25 Aug

They were sung loudly and I was soon jumping off furniture, the party had started.

A bond was struck right there and we've been cool ever since. If people weren't able to take turn on the vocals? Yet remembering this incident did give me an inkling as to why The Loaf has retained such a robust female following even though some may not regard him as a conventionally handsome man with an obvious allure to the ladies of the world.

We’re raiding a vault here that comes uncomfortably close to feeling like a crypt.

It’s a standard rock-star move, the Contemplating My Mortality album: Johnny Cash made at least six of ’em.

After a tenure in the off-Broadway production Rainbow (In New York), Meat Loaf earned a slot in More Than You Deserve, a musical written by classically trained pianist Jim Steinman.

An appearance in the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show followed, and in 1976 Meat Loaf also handled vocal duties on one side of Nugent's LP Free-for-All.

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Then I remembered one of the people I had gone to the show with.

The band earned some renown through opening gigs in support of the Who, the Stooges, and Ted Nugent before Meat Loaf won a role in a West Coast production of the musical Hair.

During a tour stop in Detroit, he and a fellow castmate named Stoney teamed to record the 1971 LP Stoney & Meat Loaf for Motown's Rare Earth imprint.

But it’s an odd fit for a dude engineered from the beginning to sound immortal, if not completely undead, as though he were hanging upside-down from the ceiling.

There is no road map for aging gracefully when grace was, delightfully, never your strong suit to begin with.