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06 Jul

In-Ha begins to paint her portrait, but the next moment she is gone. This kdrama is one of the best dramas that I have watched !!! Be strong Sukkie this Argentina fan supports you all the way!

In-Ha runs out to find her and, in his excitement, bumps into Yoon-Hee. In-Ha helps to pick her stuff up, but doesn't say anything to her. Also, the lead actress Yoona she can really portray her role very well. I'll never understand because they got good ratings The basis of this story is a cultural Taboo that would be and is totally foreign to a Western person.

When a Korean man is in love with you, you will know it. They will show it in the most surprising ways sometimes.

My mom hate him at first and then say she likes him so much lol. I really like the story from start to end, especially how the couple (kim and gunn) became together in mid-end episode and struggle for their love, different with typical Other K-drama which only end with separate each others and ended up with (only) hugging and bammm "finished".. I am agreed with Jan that Korean drama's Fated to love you was so much better original one. Admiringly, brilliantly the ultimate romantic comedy! Not too shabby but originally filmed made authentically! I started watching this to just pass some time while waiting for the episodes of a drama to come out but I didn't know I was going to fall completely in love with the characters. Could be much funnier when there’s a lot of laughter! This drama has that little corny stuff in it, that made people squirm in some situation. They really have a good chemistry, they are very good actors and actress especially jang hyuk with the laugh. but just w/ leaning his neck as he bends to sit and the tenderness in his eyes , he managed to express all the longing and affection that he is forced to suppress and hide behind a smile.... I mean he just came and sat next to her and managed to express how much he is yearning to have her , to keep her , to tell her the truth but is forced to lie and pretend he's cool and smile ....

Direct Ways to Say "I Love You"Other Sayings that Express Love Related Phrases Community Q&A The simplest way to say “I love you” in Korean is “saranghae,” but there are a few other expressions you can use to convey your affection, as well.

Here are a few phrases that may be helpful for you to know.

The best thing to overcome loneliness and improve your adjustment to the country would be to start dating a Korean woman.

Korean women are really the best girlfriends to have in the world.