Korean guys dating culture

07 May

Recently, I had conversation with a few Korean and non-Korean friends about dating.And a few interesting points about the differences between dating in Korea and dating in Canada came up during the conversation that I thought were worth sharing.

Arranged marriages were settled years, and sometimes even decades, before a child reached marriage age.

There was often surprise in the comments on western girls dating (or wanting to date) Korean guys which I found/find funny.

And as a side note, I always love the surprise I often hear in new Korean friends’ voices when they hear that I dated a Korean guy. Plus, while I don’t really have a physical type – I do prefer guys who have dark hair (easy to find in Korea unless they dye their hair) and who are bigger than me (a little harder but still fairly easy to find, I’m only 167cm). And I’m going to help you a little with some interesting tidbits about dating a Korean.

My experience, however, has been different: the younger generation of Korean men was much different from their fathers, and much closer to the true ‘romantic’ man than French men themselves.

Here is why you might want to give a Korean guy a chance. They Try Harder Korean men who date a foreign girl will go above and beyond to make sure a girl is treated like a princess – just because they believe that we are used to romanticism from our countrymen.