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14 Jul

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"Prioritizing the payment of credit card debt is a smart move, considering that the average interest rate is around 15% these days," said Bruce Mc Clary, spokesman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

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Sure, the signs in the window claim that “Nothing is Held Back” and “Everything Must Go, ” but are you really be offered the deal of the century?There's also a hidden danger to this type of all-at-once debt repayment, which is that if you don't establish good financial habits now, "you could rack up debt once more, and it will be much more difficult to rebuild those lost retirement savings," noted Jeffrey Arevalo, a counselor at Green Path Financial Wellness.Instead, get to work whittling down your credit card bills.The person also submits to the court schedules of all his assets and liabilities.Assets include real property (such as real estate), personal property (household goods, clothing, retirement funds, cash, etc.), and all other assets.