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05 Sep

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Betsy provided the bar with, as you can see, a wild array of Bloody additions, pickled onions, olives, celery, lemon, lime, spices, hot sauces and the deal-sealer, beef jerky straws. Meghan chose the lovely navy tablecloths and beige napkins, arranged these striking mason jar floral favors, one for each party-goer to take home, picked the striped red straws to complement the color scheme, and managed the brawn to set it all up. Jesse and Betsy, already mothers of young boys, I assume are thrilled to not be pregnant.

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The darkened tone in his lower register, created from what can be assumed to be a low larynx, often leads to inconsistency in his lowest notes (B♭1 - A2), but it does lend quite well to properly delivering the subject matters often discussed in THD songs.

However, he is also capable of crooning with a softer sound in the third and lower to mid-fourth octaves (C3 - G4), which he uses in the band's more swing-like songs.