More fish in the sea dating service

24 Aug

The giant trevally dominantly eats other fishes and likes to prey in packs - explaining the vast numbers of the fish in this video.

Hunting in schools increases their capture efficiency, but is not necessary for an individual's survival.

Aquaculture is critical to meet the growing seafood demand, help build wild fish stocks, and reduce dependence on imports.

is a global leader in sustainable seafood thanks to a rigorous science-based fisheries management process.

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Movements are associated with ocean currents and with the availability of food in different areas at different times of year.This terrifying video shows a group of carnivorous gigantic Trevally fish devouring a whole tuna within seconds.In the clip, the predators can be seen circling beneath the boat as if they know what is coming next.Migrations involves the fish moving from one part of a water body to another on a regular basis.Some particular types of migration are anadromous, in which adult fish live in the sea and migrate into fresh water to spawn, and catadromous, in which adult fish live in fresh water and migrate into salt water to spawn.