Mount st helens eruption false dating

05 Nov

Helens, which rises behind Anderson and his joyous grin.

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The dome (Figure 1) sits like a small mountain (roughly 3/4 mile in length and 1000 feet high) directly over the volcanic vent, which is at the south end of the huge horseshoe-shaped crater blasted out of the mountain by the May 18, 1980 eruption.The 1980 outburst, a colossal event by modern volcano standards, killed 57 people as rocky debris, scalding hot steam and gas swept down the volcano's slope at more than 683 miles per hour (1,100 kilometers per hour) and reached temperatures of 572 degrees Fahrenheit.The tempestuous volcano also hurled about 540 million tons of ash into the air, and has since earned celebrity status as perhaps the most studied volcano today. "But time has marched on, and technology has advanced quite a bit since then." Better instruments and scientific tools now give an unparalleled view of volcanic life cycles.It is composed of a volcanic rock called dacite and appears to an observer in the crater as a huge steaming mound of dark, blocky rubble. Helens is the third dome to form since the 1980 eruption, the first two having been blasted away by subsequent eruptions.The current dome started to form after the volcano's last explosive eruption on October 17, 1980.