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21 Jul

it was then that a much darker, angry and hostile personality came through.ever since then, it seems any little bit of misunderstanding results in this personality coming’s obvious that I need to handle it much differently and clearing up a misunderstanding isn’t the solution. she had a bad experience with a counselor before and she is against going on medication.I am afraid that if I bring up going to counseling again, it’ll trigger her anger and will feel judged or that I think she’s crazy.Many people without multiple personalities can testify, that even under the most favorable circumstances it is not always easy to build trust.But when you start dating someone with a multiple personality, you will have to establish contact and trust with all of the alter personalities. Because you can not be in a relationship with an alter, who is a sixteen year old boy.Please try to take it as humor and not as a slam against anyone. Obviously, it stands for she or he, meaning your significant other.

I wouldve liked to be friends, but at some level there was weirdness that made it not possible. It was an integrated personality she and her therapist had created.I once knew a person who claimed to have it, and I assume she was telling the truth. There were eight or so very different personalities.She occasionally came to meetings of an organization I belong to. They had different names, different speech mannerisms, completely different behavior patterns and outlooks on life.Has anyone else known someone with multiple personalities?Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of, but I would be wary of someone who lets you know they have a personality disorder simply because ya'll bump into each other occasionally.