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15 Oct

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I am fond of watching moving and spending time with my friends. I want a smart and a clever man who will bcome a good father in future because i want to raise my future kids in our own peacful world and have a happy family which i never had.

I am a sentimental, emotional, passionate and romantic woman. Somebody who fits to my soul and my heart,who is close to my mind and such a dreamer and an artistic person as I am.

I have a philosophical view regarding life, I accept people with all their advantages and disadvantages.

Nowadays, it is one of the most important Ukrainian Black Sea ports, one of the largest shipbuilding centers of the country. And indeed the city doesn’t have any sights that are well-known all over the world. Today, the collection includes more than 160 thousand exhibits.

But the city is known far beyond Ukraine and tourists coming here will have unique experience. Among the exhibits are the objects found during archaeological research of the ancient settlement of Olbia, Kievan Rus times tools, the Cossacks’ arms. The Museum of the Strategic Rocket Forces is located in Pobuzhskoye village. The complex of buildings of the Navy Department (the Admiralty) includes Staroflotskie barracks, built in classical style, the shipyard with walls and gates, as well as the gymnasium building housing the construction college. This two-storey building, constructed in classical style, is an example of civil architecture of the 19th century. In one of the highest places in the city, on the top of Spassky hill, a unique hyperboloid water tower stands for over a hundred years.