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07 Oct

During a commercial break, I was sexually assaulted against an exterior wall of that house. Not a single one of those appointed to ‘watch over’ anything, much less my soul, noticed a thing when I and the perpetrator went back inside the house. My family was in the outer circle, despite decades of $$$ and attendance. I think it’s quite telling that despite the micromanagement of ‘biblical living’, horrible things have not only slipped under the radar of those ‘caring for our souls’ (etc., barf) but have been actively hidden, squashed, silenced. I hope it ruins the entire organization financially and every single perpetrator and co-conspirator financially, mentally and physically. I know that you are not likely to judge but as I think about our story I judge myself.I started “rebelling” thereafter and refused to attend any church functions, and my parents surprisingly didn’t seem to mind (despite them not knowing the reasons for my rebellion). I still struggle with how completely sold out I was to this group.” His response was shocking: “Online.” He went on to extol the virtues of meeting his wife on the Internet and the happiness they now share.There are advantages to being introduced to someone by a friend or a relative.See full summary » A divorced workaholic executive goes back to her home town to spend Christmas with her son and mother. The Boyajians have not celebrated Christmas in 11 years. See full summary » As a little girl, Melanie Hogan (Lacey Chabert) wished to find her own prince charming just like her parents found true love.

In fact, God does it for us by doing it through us!In the same way that you will not receive a check in an envelope postmarked “heaven,” you will not receive a husband or wife lowered from heaven through your chimney.You can compare their client and see which ones are most likely to your needs.See full summary » The new original film is based on a bestselling novel by Donna Van Liere."The Christmas Note" Having just moved back to her hometown without her serviceman husband but with her young son, ...