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05 May

Oracle Software Owner (oracle) You must create the Oracle software owner user the first time you install Oracle software on the system. This user owns all of the software installed during a given installation.

This user must have the Oracle Inventory group as its primary group.

In Oracle documentation, the Oracle software owner user is referred to as .

Determining Oracle Inventory Group and Oracle Software Owner User To determine whether the Oracle Inventory group and the Oracle software owner exist, and if necessary, to create them, follow the procedure in this section.

toms rule #2: stop using YY, just stop -- now, forever!!! Always use to_date and ALWAYS use a 4 character year mask. You could: where dt_col between to_date( '01-jan-2002 ', 'dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss' ) and to_date( '17-jan-2002 ', 'dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss' ) or if you just wanted to supply the days as bind variables (in the form of a string like '01-jan-2002') you could: where dt_col between to_date( :bv1, 'dd-mon-yyyy' ) and to_date( :bv2, 'dd-mon-yyyy' ) (1-1/24/60/60) that would do the same (adding 1-1/24/60/60 adds 2) if you are using the mod_plsql module, you should see database sessions that are connected persistently in "stateful" mode. changing from stateless to stateful wont necessarily affect performance unless you have lots of requests coming in simultaneously and actually connecting to the database is the bottleneck (on a smallish system, this will not be the case).

Syndication information may include information such as titles or headlines, descriptions, and the like, regarding the news articles available on the web sites.

The syndication services allow appropriate reader software to connect to a web site and retrieve syndication information (for example, typically a list of headlines and descriptions) that can be presented to the user.

Note: As an alternative to creating local users and groups, you can create them in a directory service, for example, Network Information Services (NIS).

Contact your system administrator, or refer to your operating system documentation for information about using directory services..