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08 Dec

You will get a wide array of reports on how easy it is to find girls for sex in Odessa.Some will tell you that slutty girls head to Arcadia Beach every summer and hooking up isn’t a problem at all.HIGH LOW Excerpt from "Sex Slaves" showing hidden camera trailing one trafficker, "Olga," and how she moved girls from the port of Odessa to Istanbul, and finally to a parking lot in Aksaray where deals are made, legal and illegal, and women are sold. There was something added to that water, because in about 15 to 20 minutes I started hallucinating. Plus I was on drugs, and therefore I could not understand what was going on. When I was fighting with him, I was shouting at him and he was shouting at me. She told me, "You were in Antalya at the beginning. I was told that if I told him, they would do something bad to me. When I spoke to Viorel, I couldn't stand it, and I said that I wanted to go home very much. Katia, from Moldova, was trafficked into sex slavery by an acquaintance, Vlad, who brought her to Turkey on the pretext of helping her procure goods for her business. At that moment Tanya explained to me that they bought me to have sex with their clients. Two other men came in, and pinned me down on the couch. Then when I was locked away, one Russian girl came in. Now you are in Ismir." Later on I was told that somebody was looking for me. Meanwhile, her husband Viorel, accompanied by FRONTLINE's production team, was desperately searching for her in Turkey's thriving sex market. This interview took place in September 2004, and has been translated from Russian into English. After that everybody left, and I was on my own again. Then they transferred me to another place; I remember a very long drive. UPDATE, MAY 2009: FRONTLINE asked producer Ric Esther Bienstock how the characters in this report are doing now, more than 3 years since the original broadcast. They populate Odessa's numerous terrace cafés, stroll in hordes through its parks, and fill the plush velvet seats of its 19thcentury opera house.A foreign man, usually though not always over 60 and American, sits with a Ukrainian girl, probably in her twenties and strikingly attractive.

For the not inconsequential sum of £3,000, the 39 men present at our induction meeting on day one have bought the chance to attend three "socials" – huge events at nightclubs where they will be in the company of hundreds of young Ukrainian women apparently looking for love.Habitually, they are joined by another young woman, the translator, who facilitates the dialogue."She says she likes a strong man who knows his mind." "Tell her I love the idea of two cultures coming together in a relationship." "She says she thinks you could be her soulmate."Hundreds of dating agencies operate in Odessa, luring the foreign dollar into the laidback Black Sea port city with a suggestion of the nubile young model living a life so impoverished that she will be ready to fly away with the first slack-skinned foreign pensioner who offers her a way out.Other cities in Ukraine, and other countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, also have well-developed bride industries, but Odessa is a global hub for men looking for love.Or you could strike out trying to pick up non pro girls and keep getting dicked around by escort agencies.This isn’t user friendly like the Bangkok Red Light District, you are going to have to put in the leg work and hope for the best.