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14 May

Hibernation is over for this former crossroads of Asia, as new road, rail and air routes cross once forbidden frontiers. " For me, all Soviet hotel receptionists have blended into one vision of badly dyed hair and barely disguised hostility.

Above all travelers are encouraged to dress for comfort rather than fashion.

Over Spring Break I went to Uzbekistan with my dad.

It’s a truly fascinating country, sitting at the crossroads of cultures.

The old city – Ichan Kala – is a well preserved example of Muslim architecture in Central Asia. Under Lenin’s orders, Moynaq fishermen played a major role in the struggle against the Russian famine of 1921-1922.

Today there is no water nearby, so we can visit the “boat cemetery” with a dozen rusty carcasses of ships, and a small monument that confirms the scale of the current natural disaster that made the water disappear.