Phone erotica

18 Dec

) Sometimes, our sexual fantasies are somewhat embarassing, socially “strange”, or just not something we’re comfortable sharing with another person.

But erotic fantasies have a way of demanding attention.

You have already seen most of the online porn that is out there and you want something new to have fun with.

I loved writing, in fact my lifelong dream has been to be an author, and I figured it would be fun to pen some saucy tales for him to enjoy. It was easier to get started than I thought, I just came up with a situation, well, more of an inkling of an idea to start with, then I got myself into the head (and body!

) of the character and the story pretty much wrote itself from there.

My first story was called and is about a lady who goes on holiday to get over a relationship break up.

So we will stick to the ever growing popularity of phone sex. For instance, if you have a partner you can have a sensual conversation with her or him. Or if your partner is not into talking dirty over the telephone?

Some sexual fantasies are meant to be shared and enjoyed by two (or more!