Rabbi dating advice

06 May

Along with his wife, Laura, (also a therapist) Marder runs Chicago YJP (Young Jewish Professionals), a division of the Lois & Wilfred Lefkovich Chicago Torah Network, as well as seminars for singles and the newly married.He's also in private practice as a couples and marriage counselor.” “What are the circumstances that led to his parents’ divorce?

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‘Even in affairs, men don’t love the other woman — they lust after her.

Rebbetzins is not just about setting you up on dates, but offering personal advice and guidance throughout the entire shidduch process.

Even before dating begins, your mentor will be there to give over the expectations of traditional frum dating and Jewish dating customs.

” This calls attention to the dynamic that when one feels intense passion for another person, flaws and inconveniences are hardly noticed.

On the other hand, if one no longer has this strong feeling, even minor shortcomings, physical defects and slightly annoying habits are magnified a thousandfold.