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24 Sep

And for co-creating the character Fido Dido with Joanna Ferrone.The series ended on December 16, 2007, with the third season being the final season.The made-for-TV movie Unfabulous: The Perfect Moment focused on Addie and Jake getting together although Jake will be gone for the rest of the summer in Canada. 导演 Joe Menendez 弗雷德·萨瓦格 Fred Savage Savage Steve Holland Carlos González Victor Nelli Jr. All episodes from the first and the second season (including The Perfect Moment) have been available for download in the i Tunes Store in the U. Bethany Rooney 雷切尔·塔拉里 Rachel Talalay 琳达·曼度沙 Linda Mendoza 演员 Malese Jow ...... A song-writing middle schooler, Addie Singer (Roberts) dealt with all the horrors of growing up, including braces, awkward group dates, and puberty.The show ended in 2007 — nine years ago this December — so it's time to see what the Rocky Road Middle School gang's been up to since then.

His 2003 appearance on CSI: Miami earned him a nomination for the Young Artist Award for 'Best Performance in a TV Drama Series".Currently it is aired on Popgirl and Nickelodeon Canada.Raja Fenske is straight and has been downright flaming -- he is breaking our gaydar! Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium black hairstyles & haircuts. Don't get me wrong but the manliest men often have man-crushes on effeminate men. This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).