Roleplaying sex chat bot

21 May

We love to please you and ourselves while you watch us.

We have all kinds of sexy outfits and toys, and we arent shy to use them.

This concept has now moved out of the gaming realm and these quick role-play game interfaces are appearing in our everyday digital lives. You might think that humans would rather communicate with other humans rather than a machine.

For many this may still be the case, but as our lives become more digitalised and we expect our day-to-day tasks to be completed faster, the formalities of human interaction become a burden.

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People who would usually go into a branch to ask questions or make simple requests can now easily achieve this through various methods online. Online chat in terms of customer service has become an increasingly popular avenue for customer services over the last few years as it relaxes the focus on the user’s task of resolving an unwanted issue. In March 2016, Microsoft launched a Twitter chatbot named Tay that was supposed to have conversations with Twitter users and learn how to sound like a ‘millennial’.

Instead, it learned how to love Hitler and hate feminism.

The average branch in the high street deals with only 71 visits a day – a 32% decline since 2011(1).

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