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20 Sep

I was only at ESPN for 4 years, but they were some of the best of my career.Thanks to all of the fans and to my entire Sports Center AM crew.

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In 1955 Mary married jazz drummer Art Mardigan, who played with Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz and others.

Patrick Stultz wades through the forest, bushes snagging his baggy red trousers.

He hoists a .58-caliber musket above his blue-wool jacket and sweat-stained red kepi hat.

Rusted street signs are the only hint that a city was ever here. Dead shrubs and brown weeds have cracked the blacktop, with snow patches and litter scattered everywhere the eye can see. Almost nothing is left of this former community of 1,400.

A few buildings remain, most of them old row houses deprived of their neighbors, needing brick retainers to help them stand up without adjoining structures. Everyone else left after a long-lasting mine fire rendered the place uninhabitable, resulting in a government-mandated evacuation.