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07 May

And since then, Snapchat has rehabilitated its image — now, it's more associated as a messaging service geared towards millennials than anything else.

I've been writing about Snapchat at Business Insider for about a year.

Did you know that we currently criminalize teen sexting?

It can be a crime because it counts as child pornography, if there's an image of someone under 18, and it doesn't even matter if they took that image of themselves and shared it willingly.

I noticed a spike in the number of people who started following me on Snapchat last year around the time I started writing about the service — I went from having a couple friends add me every week to having 50 to 100 people add me every day.“The boyfriend receives it from his girlfriend and forwards it on to his friends.At that point, it escalates to a felony level and the kids just do not realize it,” said Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor Alex Hamner.The teen that takes the photo faces a misdemeanor charge.Prosecutors say they handle the charges case by case.