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30 Nov

We're here to help you accent your curves, and show them off to that special someone.

Our Story Founded back in 2005, the staff and creators have spent over a decade perfecting the craft of finding the best styles, outfits, matching sets and more, by working with a variety of vendors, suppliers and manufacturing outlets.

I have been dreaming of this moment for years, never believing it might come true.

JESSICA VOORSANGER: You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth Donald but about YOU! DS: Thanks Kirsty, but I just had to tell Jessica how much I loved her Star Trek installation in Margate last April and wanted to know more about it. I was mentioned a few times in them, but let’s not get into that here.

Am I trying to instigate fights by throwing wine at people just to get on camera, and maybe also promote my new lifestyle website, I mean, is wine-throwing something that even gets you on a reality show?

I believe that when you have a problem, you talk it over with your priest, or your tailor, or the mute elevator porter at your men's club, and you take that problem and crush it with your mind vice.

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The same manipulation machine that got people to vote for Barack Obama, and donate all that money after Rainstorm Katrina. I'm going to tell Drew that I'm having a little welcome-to-the-building party for him, but there is no party and then when he shows up I'll laugh and say, 'Oh it's the wrong night.' And then he'll laugh and say, 'One glass couldn't hurt,' and then I will put my mouth on his mouth. Uh, your credit card called, they want to make sure you're the one buying cream soda in bulk.

I do think I would have made a better sex symbol than William Shatner. I saw my husband dancing across a crowded room and knew that he was the one for me. DS: WHO WAS THE FIRST HEARTTHROB ON YOUR BEDROOM WALL? DS: IN THE FILM , SANDRA BULLOCK DISCOVERS A POTION WHICH WHEN SHE SPEAKS MAKES MEN FALL IN LOVE WITH HER, SHE USES HER POWERS TO RENEW HER DRIVING LICENSE AND DATE THE PRINCE OF ENGLAND, IF YOU HAD THE POTION WHAT WOULD YOU MAKE MEN DO? KB: I think his films are the best too Donald, my favourite is , or the actual diaries?

JV: Well Donald, I have always been a fan of science fiction and realised that all of the other projects that I had been making, exploring celebrity, didn’t fulfil my real ambition of actually feeling like I am in the TV shows. JV: Exactly Donald, or should I call you Sexy Captain? JV: That’s why I created a fake TV studio with a live video link where you could dress up in Star Trek costumes (original series of course) and act out scenes. DS: DO EITHER OF YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? KB: It was Leonardo Di Caprio, after seeing , he was my first obsession. KB: Well I HATE lifting heavy objects, so for me I would use my powers to make men lift everything that I don’t want to carry myself.

but the first two years of my job, I only had a week and a half's worth because I could barely afford to eat, let alone buy more clothes.'Shelby said the dress was such a great find because it fit all the dress code requirements, and comes in seven different colors, which is key because she was told by consultants to only wear certain hues.

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