Sexywebchat room

08 Nov

You can position the chat window, change its color and text, and see a preview of the result right in CWA.

You'll also see some other options: Prechat Survey: Allows you to enable a brief survey to collect information from your website visitors before they chat you.

Note that it is not designed with mobile devices in mind so you're best off to access it via a desktop/laptop device if you want to see the live chat option.

The broadband/phone/TV options are available between 9AM to 5PM and the 'Account and Billing' options from 8AM to 8PM.

If you have a developer working with you, use the Email to Your Developer button to send the code to him or her.

Below the Embed Code, you'll see various options for customizing your chat window.

It may be of interest for security protocol designers, Themis users looking forward to seeing an example of complicated security process fully covered by Themis and people generally interested in cryptography.

Choose one of the options and then you'll see a live chat option to the right.You can add web chat to your site and offer your visitors another way to connect with your business.Adding a chat window just takes a few lines of code. Once you're logged in, just choose Chats from the main menu, and then Configuration. If you know how to embed it in your site, you can copy it using the Copy Code button.Proactive Chat: You can choose to chat your visitors first, rather than waiting for them to chat you.This option lets you enable proactive chat and set how long into their visit the chat will start.